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Experience offshore sportfishing at its finest aboard what we think you'll agree is Key West's best, most comfortable, and most luxurious "6-pack" charter boat - "High Class Hooker." It's a beautiful, fast, 47' Buddy Davis fishin' machine!

The name Buddy Davis means only the finest in marine craftsmanship and it's one of the best rough water boats ever built. We can give you a nice, dry ride on days when other boats will have to consider staying at the dock, as well as comfort well beyond what you would normally expect to find in a "6-pack" charter boat! And, because of her twin 735 HP Detroit 8V92 diesel engines, we can get you to the fish fast!

Whatever month you prefer, we stand ready to show you a great time. Just want a quick four-hour trip to beautiful blue/green nearshore waters on or just off the reef? A longer and more adventurous full-day trip to the deeper, purple-blue waters around and past our famous "Wood's Wall?" We can do it comfortably and with style!

Just because we have the ultimate fishing machine doesn't mean that you have to be a serious, experienced angler to have a great time. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we'll be happy to let you do as much as you want, we'll do all the "dirty work" for you if you prefer. You can just enjoy bringing in the big ones after we hook 'em up. As a matter of fact, our favorite trips tend to be with beginners, especially females and kids. They just seem to get a much bigger kick out of the whole experience than customers who think they know it all and/or have done it all (and, quite frankly, they just tend to follow our instructions better so that  we get better results.) Remember, this is supposed to "recreational fishing." The bottom line is that our goal is for everyone to have FUN, including the crew, and we'll do everything we can to make that happen.

However, if you are really into your fishing, we can be as serious as you want to be. Our boat, our mate and our equipment give you everything you need to catch that trophy fish of your dreams or compete in that tournament that you always wanted to enter. The top 5 photos to the right attest to our success in recent tournaments. We'll stack those tournament results the last few years against any other charter boat in Key West! Speaking of tournaments, we have been selected by Drambuie/Bacardi the last several years to be a "sponsor boat" in the annual Key West Marlin Tournament in mid-July.. We expect to have that honor again this year as well. We're also already booked by repeat contestants for the local VFW Fishing Tournament on June 11, but we are open for any other tournament you might wish to enter. Just search "Key West fishing tournaments" on the internet for dates and information on all the local competitions and then give us a call.

Wonder what you might catch? What do you want? Sailfish? Dolphin (mahi-mahi)? Wahoo? Blackfin tuna? Blue or white marlin? Snapper? Grouper? Kingfish? All those fish, and many more, are here year-round. It's just a matter of numbers and likelihood, usually determined by the prevailing weather and current conditions at the time. Check out the pics on our "Photos" page for a great sampling of our Key West target fish.

Think you're not properly prepared? Actually, you need very little to have a great time. Just bring your own food, drink (but we do have free bottled water), and comfortable clothing. We'll supply everything else you'll need. That includes gear, bait, licenses, coolers, ice, etc. We'll even clean any legal, edible fish you catch, which you can then take to any one of many local restaurants to have custom-cooked for you that same day. (All of our "next-door neighbor" restaurants - "Alonzo's," "Boat House Bar," and "Conch Republic Seafood Company" - do a great job at that!) Or, you can take them home with you if you prefer.

If you want to learn more about our trips and lifestyle here in Key West, check out the articles written by Capt. Gene for "Fishmonster Magazine," which is available at many locations throughout the Keys and Southeast Florida or by subscription. Not your typical dry, technical, fishing "how-to's," they're about the great people we meet and also cover a wide range of Keys life-style topics.Some are funny, some are serious, but never dull. Read one and we think that you'll agree and become a regular reader. Some of his best articles are archived and available at http://fishmonster.com/author/gene-chrzanowski/

For more about us, click on the items in the menu bar above.We can be reached at 305-849-0581 and by e-mail at anglerphile@aol.com.

You can also check us out on Facebook.


When you have what many believe to be the nicest charter fishing boat in Key West, you have to constantly work to keep that distinction. Our latest addition is brand new flybridge Isinglass, with fully-zippered access panels! So, not only can we have the cooling sea breezes from all sides in the bridge seating area on nice days, we can still keep you dry and cozy on the cool or wet days, too, while also having MUCH better visibility than before to sew those birds and floating objects that can lead us to fish. New flybridge seat cushions just add to the comfort!

Congratulations to one of  our best friends and nicest customers, Brian Ford. The Tampa Bay Business Journal has recognized him as one of the "Power100" in the Tampa area. They describe those people as: "The influencers. The dealmakers. Those who get the call to make things happen." We 're darn proud of Brian and we're also darn proud to be the boat that he calls on to make his fishing trips happen in Key West. Read about why Brian was recognized at http://origin.misc.pagesuite.com/pdfdownload/2d91f034-e457-4e44-bee4-77fe5a6a1d13.pdf

The winter fish season in now in full swing. More blackfin tunas, wahoos and sailfish are blending in with our almost ever-present mahi-mahi, a/k/a dolphinfish, population to add assortment to our daily catches.
Catching a 60 mph wahoo can be the thrill of a lifetime!

Capt. Gene was a radio guest again on the 11/10 fishing show on WKWF AM 1600 at 6 PM. Previously, he had been a radio guest many times here in Key West, the most recent previous appearance being on 4/7, when both he and mate Jerry Pope were radio guests on that same show. On both occasions, it was a great experience and a lot of fun!

Speaking of our regular fishing mate, Jerry married his long-time GF, the lovely Susanna Klinefelter, just this past May, and has now been with us well over two years. He continues to amaze customers with his effort and fish-catching ability, and also continues to win us friends and repeat customers with his always-upbeat attitude and constant smile. He's a joy for us to have on board and we guarantee that you'll feel the same way, too! If you have a  group of less than 6 and let us know, we can often bring Susanna along to help cater to you and entertain you, and to make Jerry smile even more! She loves fishing almost as much as he does!

You can also learn more about Jerry, as well as Captain Gene, by clicking on the "Captain/Mate" link in the menu bar above.

Speaking of the "Conch Republic Seafood Company," one of our server friends there, Scott Leslie, and a partner own "Love in Bloom" - a flower shop just around the corner. Next time you need flowers for an event or occasion, try them at http://www.loveinbloomflorist.com.

Need a place to stay? Several of our customers have gotten great help in finding the right house or apartment from our friend and customer Chad Burtch, a realtor who is also a singer/songwriter. ( He is one of the best, if not THE best, of our local entertainers.) You can contact him for help finding the right property at (305) 587-0620. You can also get information about his music and gigs at http://www.chadburtchmusic.com.
Think the fish on these pages look great on this site? They could look even better on your wall!
We can arrange to have a quality fish mount reproduction made for you by Gray Taxidermy, one of the best in the biz, of any fish you catch. If you think you might be interested, let the mate know as soon as possible, so we can measure any fish that may be released. He and/or Capt. Gene can provide details such as cost, delivery, etc.

High Class Hooker!You'll have a "reel" great time, but BE WARNED!! YOU'LL PROBABLY CATCH SOMETHING!!!

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