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Experience offshore sportfishing at its finest aboard what we think you'll agree is Key West's best, most comfortable, and most luxurious "6-pack" charter boat - "High Class Hooker." It's a beautiful, fast, 47' Buddy Davis fishin' machine!

The name Buddy Davis means only the finest in marine craftsmanship and one of the best rough water boats ever built. We can give you a nice, dry ride on days when other boats will have to consider staying at the dock, as well as comfort well beyond what you would normally expect to find in a "6-pack" charter boat! And, because of her twin 735 HP Detroit 8V92 diesel engines, we can get you to the fish fast!

Whatever month you prefer, we stand ready to show you a great time. Just want a quick four-hour trip to beautiful blue/green nearshore waters on or just off the reef? A longer and more adventurous full-day trip to the deeper, purple-blue waters around and past our famous "Wood's Wall?" We can do it comfortably and with style!

Just because we have the ultimate fishing machine doesn't mean that you have to be a serious, experienced angler to have a great time. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we'll be happy to let you do as much as you want, we'll do all the "dirty work" for you if you prefer. You can just enjoy bringing in the big ones after we hook 'em up. As a matter of fact, our favorite trips tend to be with beginners, especially females and kids. They just seem to get a much bigger kick out of the whole experience than customers who think they know it all and/or have done it all (and, quite frankly, they just tend to follow our instructions better so that  we get better results.) The bottom line is that our goal is for everyone to have FUN, including the crew, and we'll do everything we can to make that happen.

However, if you are really into your fishing, we can be as serious as you want to be. Our boat, our mate and our equipment give you everything you need to catch that trophy fish of your dreams or compete in that tournament that you always wanted to enter. The top 5 photos to the right attest to our success in recent tournaments. We'll stack those tournament results the last 2 years against any other charter boat in Key West! Speaking of tournaments, we have been selected by Drambuie/Bacardi the last several years to be a "sponsor boat" in the annual Drambuie Key West Marlin Tournament. We had that honor again this pastyear July 17-20, placing third after finishing second the year before. Guess they're still happy with us, because Bacardi has just hired us again for this year's Marlin Tournament July 23, 24 and 25. Another long term customer, Paul Brown, has also booked for the third staright year in the Florida Keys Dolphin Championship June 16 and 17. We finished second in the Key West District last year.

Wonder what you might catch? What do you want? Sailfish? Dolphin (mahi-mahi)? Wahoo? Blackfin tuna? Blue or white marlin? Snapper? Grouper?  Kingfish? All those fish, and many more, are here year-round. It's just a matter of numbers and likelihood, usually determined by the prevailing weather and current conditions at the time. Check out the pics on our "Photos" page for a great sampling of our Key West target fish.

Think you're not properly prepared? Actually, you need very little to have a great time. Just bring your own food, drink (but we do have free bottled water), and comfortable clothing. We'll supply everything else you'll need. That includes gear, bait, licenses, coolers, ice, etc. We'll even clean any legal, edible fish you catch, which you can then take to any one of many local restaurants to have custom-cooked for you that same day. (All of our "next-door neighbor" restaurants - "Alonzo's," "Boat House Bar," and "Conch Republic Seafood Company" - do a great job at that!) Or, you can take them home with you if you prefer.

If you want to learn more about our trips and lifestyle here in Key West, check out the monthly articles written by Capt. Gene for "Fishmonster Magazine," which is available at many locations throughout the Keys and Southeast Florida or by subscription. Not your typical dry, technical, fishing "how-to's," they're about the great people we meet and also cover a wide range of Keys life-style topics.Some are funny, some are serious, but never dull. Read one and we think that you'll agree and become a monthly reader. Some of his best articles are archived and available at http://fishmonster.com/author/gene-chrzanowski/

For more about us, click on the items in the menu bar above.We can be reached at 305-849-0581 and by e-mail at anglerphile@aol.com.


Football is back and, when one of your regular customers is an exec for your favorite team, you just have to show your support. At least that's how Capt. Gene feels! Go Bucs!!

After missing 3 shots to hook a blue marlin on 6/26, we came back the next day and got one! About a 200 ponder or maybe a little more. Our mate Jerry Pope did a great job hooking the fish and our angler, Rob Luick, did an even better job of getting it to the boat. You can see a shot of the fish by clicking on our "PHOTOS" page in the menu above.

We had a really great on June 18 with long-time and multiple repeat customers/fiends Dr. Marc Levine and his 13 year-old son Tyler. Tyler was the hit of the day, catching the 48.5 pound mahi you see below!

Check out the PHOTOS page on this website by clicking on it in the menu above to see the great fish we have caught on some of our other trips as well.

Our regular mate Jerry Pope took some well-deserved time off in the month of May for a very good reason. He made the lovely former Susanna Klinefelter the lovely new Susanna Pope! They got married on the beach here in KW on 5/8 and then took a two-week honeymoon to the Turks and Caicos. Congrats to Jerry!

Capt. Gene and mate Jerry Pope were radio guests for an hour on April 7 on the 6 PM Key West fishing show on WKWF 1600 AM. They were asked to appear to talk about their backgrounds, boat, working relationship, and trips, as well as to give some tips and insights on offshore fishing in the Key West area. It was a great experience and a lot of fun!

Last year was a great one for Captain Gene. It began with him Roselle Catholic High School in New Jersey, which he attended from 1962 to 1966, selecting him as the subject for a lengthy, flattering article in the 2013 issue of their alumni magazine "The Lion."  Then, it ended with him being profiled by the publishers of "Fishmonster Magazine" in their December issue as part of the continuing "Cult of Personality" series they run. You can read these articles by clicking on the links provided and can also learn more about Captain Gene by clicking on the "Captain/Mate" link in the menu bar above.

Speaking of the "Conch Republic Seafood Company," one of our server friends there, Scott Leslie, and a partner own "Love in Bloom" - a flower shop just around the corner. Next time you need flowers for an event or occasion, try them at http://www.loveinbloomflorist.com.

Need a place to stay? We're excited to be able to offer something new - access to weekly rentals of a luxury condo at Truman Annex, just two blocks off  Duval Street! Two bedrooms and one bath, "Papa's Catch," is owned long-time friends and customers, Paul and Alison Brown, and is available for weekly rental on a first-come, first-served basis. Capt. Gene has stayed there and it is, indeed, comfortable, luxurious and well-appointed. Just click on the condo name above for more information.

If "Papa's Catch" doesn't suit your needs, or if you are looking to purchase a property down here, several of our customers have gotten great help in finding the right house or apartment from our friend and customer Chad Burtch, a realtor who is also a singer/songwriter. ( He is one of the best, if not THE best, of our local entertainers.) You can contact him for for help finding the right property as well as for information about his music and gigs at http://www.chadburtchmusic.com.

Think the fish on these page slook great? They would look even better on your wall. We can arrange to have a quality fish mount reproduction of any fish you catch made for you by Gray Taxidermy, considered by many to be far and away the best. If you're interested, just ask the mate for details.

High Class Hooker!You'll have a "reel" great time, but BE WARNED!! YOU'LL PROBABLY CATCH SOMETHING!!!

"High Class Hooker" is owned and operated by Anglerphile, Inc.

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